Is Anyone Out There?

"Is Anyone Out There?" is my first digital painting. As many of you know, I've worked many years in oil and acrylic. I am now dipping my toes in digital painting to see if I like it as a third medium. This was done freehand on Procreate. I wanted to express the isolation and sadness of a deadly pandemic and a world on fire. If you look closely you'll see the houses are marked for plague and the stars have turned blue.

Is Anyone Out There?.for social media

NAWA Museum of Art

Happy to announce another virtual exhibit in our new abnormal. This one is at (on? )the "NAWA Virtual Museum of Art". The exhibit is hanging in 4 different galleries and my anti-body shaming painting "Shut The Shame Up" is in the Liana Moonie Gallery. The exhibit will be up through August 25th. Here's the link:…/269410408/long-gallery-26782/

Shut The Shame Up